Mankato Zombie Run

Apr 27, 2013 12:00pm - 7:00pm

Runners and Zombies are needed!

The Mankato Zombie Run is Saturday, April 27 2013 at Mount Kato.
You can register as a runner, as a zombie or BOTH! Race the 5K course that meanders through the woods of Mount Kato. In the woods there will be 3 large undead zones where zombies have taken over, You will need to get through these zombie zones alive to finsih the race. The post apocalyopse volunteer army members will help direct you through the woods and the zombies. Beware the woods are foggy and there maybe a few walkers who have escaped the zombie zones, wandering around look for FRESH FOOD. Proceeds go to charity: Minnesota Doctors for People, Loyola Boosters Club, Mankato Soccer and Partners for Affordable Housing



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